High Demand for Frac Sand has led to a Booming Wisconsin Economy

In 2014, the United States’ demand for frac sand was so high that it created a booming frac sand economy in Wisconsin, as well as in Illinois, Minnesota, and Texas. Wisconsin was the leading producer of frac sand in the United States in 2014, accounting for almost half of the nation’s frac sand supply. Because the hydraulic fracturing industry has expanded–almost exponentially in the last five years or so–the demand for frac sand, a critical part of the hydraulic fracturing process, has increased each year as well.booming wisconsin frac sand economy

Estimates show that Wisconsin produced 24 metric tons of frac sand in 2014, with Illinois and Texas trailing behind with 8 metric tons each, and Minnesota with 5 metric tons. Wisconsin produced three times as much as Illinois and Texas, and almost fives times that of what Minnesota produced. Needless to say, Wisconsin is paving the way and leading the pack when it comes to frac sand production.

Frac Sand Production in Wisconsin by AllEnergy Sand

Wisconsin has been dubbed the Saudi Arabia of frac sand. That is why AllEnergy Sand decided to base our business there. We are proud to say that our business is based in west central Wisconsin. We also try our best to give back to our community and minimize our impact on the environment. Our processing facility is only a mile from our mines and we use a mile-long conveyor belt to move our product straight from the mine to the facility. This lessens emissions and lowers cost, because we do not use trucks.

Once the frac sand is processed, the final product goes straight onto a railroad adjacent to our processing facility and then to our customers all across the country. This completely removes the use of trucks, which is more eco-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient. This also allows the delivery to take place all year round. Wisconsin winters can be brutal, and ice and snow can keep trucks from delivering, but it doesn’t keep our train cars or conveyor belts from working.

Contact us here at AllEnergy Sand to learn more about our silica and frac sand production. You can also learn more about investing in fracking stocks and frac sand investors. We are completely open to questions about frac and silica sand and hydraulic fracturing. Our service area covers many states across the United States including Wisconsin, Iowa, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas, and even Canada. Give us here at AllEnergy Sand a call today! We want to hear from you.