Well Fracturing by All Energysilica sand by AllEnergy in Wisconsin

Well fracturing has been used since the 1860’s. It is a process that breaks down reservoir rock formations which allows water to flow more freely into and through a well. Up to the 1940’s explosive fracturing was used. They literally used explosives to break open rock formations. It was found to be too dangerous because of environmental and health reasons. From the 1940’s on, hydraulic fracturing was and is used to complete the well fracturing process. It is a much safer process and minimizes formation damage. The process is also much simpler, and is completed in three quick steps.

First, frac fluids are pumped at high pressures into the well. This mainly consists of water. When the pressure becomes too strong, the reservoir rock formations break and crack. Next, frac fluids that contain propping agents, such as frac sand, are pumped into the well, the propping agents allow the cracks to be held open so that fluid can flow through the cracks. Lastly, the well is flushed to rid it of any remnants of frac fluid. Well fracturing allows wells to become more active, effective, and efficient.

Well fracturing increases both the rate of production and the overall production of a well. Well fracturing can be used multiple times during a well’s lifespan, while explosive fracturing could not. All Energy is proud to say that we offer high quality frac sand and silica sand which is used in well fracturing. We are based in Wisconsin and pride ourselves on being a top producer of quality frac and silica sand. For more information about hydraulic fracturing, well fracturing, frac sand, silica sand, or about our company in general, make sure to contact us. We want to give top quality service, so come to us with your questions. Call us today!