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Silica Sand by AllEnergy

silica sand by AllEnergy in WisconsinSilica sand, known as quartz sand, is one of the most common types of sand found all over the world. It can be found in rocks like granite and sandstone on the Earth’s surface. For many years, silica sand has been used to make a variety of products including glass, rubber, concrete, plastics, paints and much more. It also has been used in the mining industry for thousands of years and is still being used today. The construction and oil/gas industry heavily rely on silica sand because it can be easily processed into frac sand. Contact us to learn more about investing in frac sand companies.

What is silica sand made of? Silica sand consists of many tiny crystalline silica particles that are made of oxygen and silicon. These particles can also be found in sandstone formations in the hills and bluffs of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. At AllEnergy, we transport high-quality silica sand through our railroad system to mining industries across the United States, including Canada.

silica sand producersBenefits of Silica Sand by AllEnergy

Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, involves drilling a gas well between 6000-9000 feet below the surface. Water, frac sand and chemicals are pumped into the well under high pressure to create cracks in subsurface rocks to keep them open. This allows oil and natural gases to be easily extracted. At AllEnergy, our silica sand meets the industry specifications for hydraulic fracturing.

By using  this technique, it  has made extracting oil and gas more economical. That’s why silica sand is highly demanded in the mining industry. Because silica sand offers unique physical characteristics, it is beneficial to the mining industry.  Some of these benefits include:

  • High-quality, pure and well-rounded quartz grains
  • High compression strength and durability
  • Helps keep fractures open to extract oil and gas
  • High elasticity

Contact AllEnergy for high-quality silica sand. We use a one-mile conveyor system to transport our silica sand from the mine to the processing plant. Our rail transportation distributes the product to our customers in our service area that includes: Iowa, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin. Contact us today so we can serve you!

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