Silica Sand Versatility Goes Beyond Fracking

Silica Fracking Sand Uses from AllEnergyAlthough mainly well-known for fracking, silica sand is used for a great variety of purposes. AllEnergy uses high quality silica sand to supply fracking sand to fracking companies throughout the United States and in Canada. In reality, however, silica is another name for sand, one of the most common substances in the world.

Some of the most common uses for silica sand include:

  • Glass Making: To make glass, silica sand is melted down along with sodium carbonate, oxide, and other chemicals. The mixture is then shaped and cooled, resulting in glass.
  • Metal Casting: In some forms of metal casting, sand, normally mixed with clay or another like material, is used for a mold for the molten metal.
  • Metal Production: Silica sand is also used in metal production to lower both the melting point and viscosity of the slags, helping them become more efficient and reactive.
  • Chemical Production: Industrial sand (silica sand) is the primary component in several different chemicals, including chemicals contained in household and industrial cleaners.
  • Construction: Sand is also used on many different processes for construction – plastering, laying and mixing concrete, brick work, etc.
  • Paint and Coatings: Some kinds of sand can also be used to add texture and and grip to different kinds of paint and coatings.
  • Ceramics and Refractories: Often, sand is used for support in kilns and for preventing stress fractures in larger works of ceramic and pottery.
  • Filtration and Water Production: Sometimes, sand can even be used to filter drinking water – the water is filtered slowly through the sand and the film that naturally occurs on the sand to remove any pathogens and other harmful substances.
  • Oil and Gas Recovery: Of course, frac sand is also used in fracking, to prop open rock fractures and let natural gas and oil flow out of the rocks to be collected.
  • Recreational Products: Sand is used for a wide variety of recreational purposes – bunkers in golf courses, construction of synthetic athletic fields, plant growth and drainage, artificial beaches or sand volleyball courts, and various decorative purposes.
  • Inactive Ingredient in Drugs: Many people are not aware that sand can also be used as one of the inactive ingredients in many medications.

More Uses for Silica Sand from AllEnergy

Sand for Fracking and Other Purposes in Iowa and WisconsinClearly, there are many more uses for silica sand than merely fracking. The silica sand that we provide to fracking companies throughout the United States and in Canada is durable and highly resistant to pressure. This makes it able to perform effectively and efficiently, saving money and resources. AllEnergy also offers several transportation options to make the process as smooth as possible.

To learn more about our frac sand, and about silica sand in general, contact the expert team here at AllEnergy Sand today.