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AllEnergy Sand will produce a line of high quality 20/40, 30/50 and 40/70 wet and dry hydraulic fracturing sand (frac sand). Our products will be thoroughly tested and offer complete documentation including Material Safety Data Sheets.

frac sand faciility in west central WisconsinOur frac sand is produced from natural sources in Wisconsin with excellent natural composition, durability and spherical qualities. Our production methods help ensure exceptional supply reliability and consistent quality.

AllEnergy Sand goes above and beyond with their logistics to go with our outstanding products. Because we use a conveyor and rail system to move our products, we are able to eliminate the emissions and expense of trucking to better help our environment and our investors. We can carry the raw materials from the mine to processing and easily get our sand products to our customers in Canada, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and beyond. We make it our goal to be efficient, but also eco-friendly with our product transport. We aren’t affected by seasons restrictions on the road, so we can make our product available at any time.

Our products are from the very best natural frac sand deposits available throughout the world. Better yet, they are right here at home in west central Wisconsin. With products produced here from mining projects in the USA, we are supporting American energy independence.

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