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Frac Sand & Silica Sand for North Dakota

Silica and frac sand is transported via rail to North DakotaNorth Dakota is booming in the frac sand industry. In fact, sand is one of the main materials used in the gas and oil industry. In addition to water and other chemicals, frac sand is injected into oil and gas wells under high pressure. The fluid pressure helps break up shale rock so oil can flow.

AllEnergy manufactures and distributes durable frac sand to businesses in North Dakota via a rail system. This helps lower fuel costs, reduce traffic and make an eco-friendly environment. Our company is one of the leading mining systems because we provide excellent, quality service and prices for businesses in North Dakota.

Frac Sand and Silica Sand Products for North Dakota

Besides fracking, silica sand the most common material on earth used to produce the following:

  • AllEnergy Silica Frac Sand in MontanaGlass
  • Paint and coating
  • Oil and gas recovery
  • Recreational materials and products
  • Filtration and water production
  • Construction jobs
  • Chemical production
  • Metal costing and plastics

Because AllEnergy produces the highest quality frac sand, our company offers unlimited advantages compared to other frac sand companies.

  • We use silica quartz sandstone because it is has durability, composition and spherical qualities. This helps create peak performance and efficiency.
  • Our company uses a rail delivery system to minimize costs and improve reliability. The professionals at AllEnergy load materials onto the Canadian National rail cars for shipment to our service areas including North Dakota. The rail system is used instead of trucks because it reduces emission testing, reduces costs, and prevents delays during winter months.
  • We make customized deliveries to save time, expenses and problems. We make the most efficient product delivery plan for every customer, so you’ll get sand delivered in a timely manner.
  • Industry veterans operate AllEnergy because they have the experience and skills to meet the highest expectations of every customer.Our mission is put the customer’s needs first.

For frac sand in North Dakota, contact AllEnergy. Our goal is to serve our customers with quality service and products.

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