Iowa Should Embrace the Frac Sand Industryfrac sand production industry iowa

For many years hydraulic fracturing has been a large industry, but in the last five years or so, hydraulic fracturing has grown into a booming industry, and because frac sand is a critical part of the fracking process, it has become a highly demanded product. There has been a growing demand for this product and it has created thousands of high paying jobs across Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. Iowa has the same opportunity, if it would only take it.

Unfortunately, Iowa and many Iowa cities and towns have put restrictive ordinances on frac sand mining. Basically, towns like Lansing, Iowa are sitting on gold mines and doing nothing about it. Instead of restricting this industry, Iowa should not only accept, but embrace the frac sand industry. The ordinances put down say they “limit” or “restrict” sand mining, but for all intents and purposes they completely ban sand mining. Sand can be mined in an environmentally healthy way, which was the main reason for the restrictions–they believed it harmed the environment.

Eco-Friendly Frac Sand Mining is Possible

environmentally friendly frac sand production iowaIf Iowa learned more about hydraulic fracturing and put down regulations, rather than restrictions, they could take part in this booming industry and provide high quality jobs for hundreds of Iowa’s residents. For example, our company–AllEnergy Sand–is based in Wisconsin where we have provided many jobs. We have also done our best to minimize our already small impact on the environment. We use conveyor belts and railroads rather than fleets of trucks to decrease emissions, noise pollution, and cost. Take our example and build from it. We have successfully created a eco-friendly frac sand production business.

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