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Frac Sand by AllEnergy

Frac sand by AllEnergy in WisconsinIn the past several years, the demand for frac sand has spiked in the oil and gas industry. This round, durable sand was originally used to make window glass and water filtration products. Today it is used in fracking. Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, involves extracting oil and natural gas from geological formations that are permeable. At AllEnergy, we offer the highest quality frac sand to improve performance and exceed the standards for the American Petroleum Institute (API).

At All Energy, we export frac sand to gas oil industries in the United States, as well as Canada, to be used for fracking or hydraulic fracturing. Subsurface rocks, such as shales, contain oil and natural gas liquids that are permeable. By creating fractures in the rocks, fracking will allow oil and natural gases to flow freely to a well. Hydraulic fracturing involves three main components – sand, water/chemicals and pressure. The mixture is forced into the shale to allow oil or gas liquids to be extracted. Small fissures form into the rock, creating a pathway for trapped gases and oil.

Benefits of Using Frac Sand by AllEnergy

Frac sand is needed to produce oil and natural gas from rocks that require hydraulic fracturing. There is an increasing demand of frac sand because it offers the following benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Increases economic development
  • Uniform grain size and composition
  • Highly resistant to fracturing
  • Helps props the fractures open
  • Produces natural gas, natural gas liquids and oil from shales

Contact  AllEnergy for frac sand in your area. We serve Ohio, Texas, North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Montana, and Canada. Call us today to get more information about our products, such as our silica sand, and delivery method as well as information about investing in frac sand companies.


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