Why The Frac Sand Boom is Here to Stay

The sand from the Midwest, including in Wisconsin, is highly coveted for hydraulic fracturing. This sand is the right size, shape and cleanness. Because this sand is so highly resistant to crushing under immense pressure, it acts as a network of pillars keeping open the tiny fissures made in the rock in the process of hydraulic fracturing. This allows the oil and natural gas to flow up from the rock deep underground.

With the plummeting oil prices recently, some sand-mining companies have had to lay off some of their workers. However, frac sand is here to stay. Although low oil prices have slowed the demand for sand down, the long-term demand is there because operators are using more sand per well and natural gas recovered from shale is the future.

The amount of frac sand used by the oil and gas industry has tripled from 2009 to now. Using more sand increases the amount of oil and gas that the oil companies can recover from the wells. This is the reason why the demand for frac sand only declined slightly even though the active U.S. drilling rig count is lower.

When the former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan urged the United States to build natural gas import terminals because he thought we would not have enough natural gas to meet the country’s needs, the United States is now the largest producer of natural gas in the world. This is largely  due to horizontal fracking for natural gas in shale-rock formations. These formations are important in future energy production.

Shale gas provides 40% of all the natural gas produced in the United States. This will grow in the coming years as the demand for natural gas for electricity generations grows from 30% of the nation’s electricity to 35% by 2040. Electricity from conventional natural gas wells will gradually decline over time. It is estimated by The Energy Information Administration (EIA) that fracking and horizontal drilling will provide the nation with 53% of our natural gas by 2040. That is why frac sand is here to stay.

Frac Sand Products in Wisconsin

AllEnergyFrac sand in Wisconsin by AllEnergy is one of the top producers of frac and silica sand in the entire country. We are a growing company with an excellent reputation. We put our customer’s needs first. We provide top quality products at a competitive price. These products are a highly needed in today’s mining industry.

AllEnergy exports frac sand to gas and oil industries in the United States and Canada to be used for fracking of hydraulic fracturing. Subsurface rocks, such as shales, contain oil and natural gas liquids that are permeable. Creating fractures in the rocks, fracking will allow oil and natural gases to flow freely to a well.

The need for frac sand is here to stay because it offers many benefits such as:

  • Uniform grain size and composition
  • Highly resistant to fracturing
  • Cost effective
  • Increases economic development
  • Helps props the fractures open
  • Produces natural gas, natural gas liquids and oil from shales

Our team of professionals are veterans in the industry that specialize in sand mining. They have the skills and expertise to get the job done in a timely manner. If you are in need of frac sand or silica, contact AllEnergy.