High Quality Frac Sand in Iowa and Wisconsin

Silica Frac Sand from AllEnergyFrac Sand is a high-purity quartz sand that is used by the petroleum industry to produce oil, natural gas. The sand is injected under high pressure along with water into wells drilled into shale and other subsurface rock units. As the water pressure fractures the rock, the natural gas and oil that is contained within the rock is released. Once the fractures are open, they must be propped open. This is where frac sand comes in handy. The round, durable grains of silica sand hold open the fractures by resisting the pressure of the closing rocks. This allows the petroleum fluids to flow out of the rock and be collected.

Because the job of frac sand is so vital to the fracking process, it is important to make sure that the silica sand being used is dependable and high quality. Without a reliable and quality frac sand, the fractures may not stay open, and the oil and natural gas will not be able to get out of the rock. That is why AllEnergy Sand provides high quality silica (quartz) frac sand for fracking purposes in Iowa, Wisconsin, and other areas throughout the country and in Canada.

Our silica sand meets or, in some cases, exceeds all of the standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API). The spherical nature, natural makeup and durability of our sand allows for the most efficient fracking in our service area.

Benefits of Choosing AllEnergy for Quality Frac Sand

When it comes to choosing a frac sand company in Iowa or Wisconsin, we have you covered, We offer several benefits that other companies cannot compete with. Some of the advantages of choosing quality frac sand from AllEnergy include:

  • No Trucking from Mine to Processing Center
  • Customized Delivery Options
  • Quality Frac Sand in Iowa and WisconsinWide Variety of Rail Delivery Choices
  • Excellent Service and Prices
  • Frac Sand industry Veterans Leadership
  • Highest Quality Frac Sand

These are some of the advantages of choosing AllEnergy Sand as your silica frac sand provider. With frac sand that is both durable enough to assist in any fracking operation and affordable enough for nearly any budget, we can give you just what you are looking for. Our quality frac sand has a high compression strength to hold open fractures, contains high levels of elasticity to prevent crushing, and is made of pure, rounded quartz grains.

Contact AllEnergy right away to invest in high quality, durable frac sand from our company. We are proud to serve Iowa and Wisconsin as well as several other areas.