What are Frac Gas Wells and Frac Oil Wells?

Hydraulic fracturing of frac gas wells and frac oil wells increases the flow of gas or oil from their wells. This process has helped turn otherwise worthless fields into productive, resource-rich gas fields. Hydraulic fracturing was first used about 60 years ago in order to stimulate oil and natural gas wells in the United States. The process allowed frac oil wells and frac gas wells to produce commercial quantities of oil and natural gas. Since its beginnings over 60 years ago, many companies have improved it, making it even more efficient, effective, and safer. Today, hydraulic fracturing is used all over the world.frac gas wells, frac oil wells

The process includes using liquids at high pressures. The liquid is pumped down the wells at a high enough pressure to fracture the layer of rock, allowing gas and oil to flow more freely. Usually water is the liquid that is used, and depending on the characteristics of the well and the rock layer, millions of gallons of water can be used. Also, some form of small, crush-resistant particles are used to hold the fracture open. Usually this is frac sand, but aluminum beads, ceramic beads, or sintered bauxite are also used. The process of hydraulic fracturing has created many new opportunities for the United States.

Benefits of Frac Gas Wells and Frac Oil Wells in Shale

Hydraulic fracturing has a variety of benefits for everyone that uses the process to access natural gas and oil. It allows a significant increase in natural gas and oil production. It may even allow wells that were before unusable to be accessed. In the case of the United States, because of hydraulic fracturing, we now produce more oil than we buy from other countries. It has created new jobs for United States citizens and invigorated the economy. It has even driven down our carbon pollution to its lowest levels in almost 20 years.

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