Frac Sand Supply by All EnergyFrac sand by AllEnergy in Wisconsin

All Energy is proud to say that we are a nationwide leader in frac sand production. We are based in Wisconsin, which has an abundant supply of frac and silica sand. We mine the sands which have a variety of uses, including being used in hydraulic fracturing. We also are a low-cost, high-quality leader in frac sand production. We use a conveyor belt to transport our sand from the mine to be processed, from there the sand is shipped across the country on the railroads. This decreases emissions and creates a more efficient mode of transport. It also allows us to transport our product throughout the year because it avoids seasonal road restrictions. Frac sand from the Wisconsin area is naturally high quality, in fact, it is some of the highest quality in the country.

Not only does the use of the railroad lower our costs, creating lower costs for you, it has also given a boost to the railroad industry. We are proud to be able to help the industry. Our frac sand ships all across the country to many different states including Iowa, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Texas, Montana, and even into Canada. Because of the recent growth of the hydraulic fracturing, many jobs have been created. We would have much less business without it, and so would the railroads. Hydraulic has created enormous growth in the United States economy. Thousands of jobs have been created, gas prices have lowered, the energy industry has exploded, the United States’ dependence on foreign oil has decreased, and a 40 year ban on oil exports may be lifted because of hydraulic fracturing. This would bring more revenue into the United States. Overall, hydraulic fracturing has tons of benefits that are effecting tons of industries.

The frac sand industry is only growing. There are even ways to invest in frac sand companies like ours. Contact us to learn more about frac or silica sand, our service area, or with questions pertaining to hydraulic fracturing or our business. We would be happy to help in any way we can. All Energy is proud to say that we have a reputation for putting our customers first. We want to keep that reputation, so do not hesitate to call us today!