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Frac Sand & Silica Sand for Canada

Frac and silica sand in Canada by AllEnergyThe development of shale gas and oil in Canada plays a huge demand for frac sand. Canada is now the fastest growing market for proppant. That’s why AllEnergy provides frac and silica sand to businesses in Canada.

We manufacturer high quality 20/40, 30/50 and 40/70 wet and dry frac sand.  We go an extra mile with logistics. Our sand is fulled tested to ensure durability, consistency and natural composition.  We use a conveyor belt to transport our products to eliminate the need for trucking. This also creates a noise-free, clean environment free of pollution. A no trucking system also reduce expenses on gas, emission testing and labor costs. We move our raw materials from the mine to the processing plant , then our materials are transported via the rail system. We make sure our products, such as our silica sand, are delivered when you need them.

Frac Sand and Silica Sand Products for Canada

What is frac sand? Frac sand is round, strong quartz sand that is easily recoverable and used for the oil and gas industry. When mixed with water and chemicals, it increases porosity to allow oil and natural gas to flow.

How is silica sand beneficial? Silica sand, the most common sand in the world, is used for a variety of applications such as glass, paint and coatings, concrete, brick and mortar, agriculture, rubber and more. Silica sand is used to make many products.

Both types of sand play a major role in the mining industry because we use them for products that we use everyday. For quality frac and silica sand in Canada, contact AllEnergy today. Our products are made from the natural sand deposit in Wisconsin.

If you are looking for a career in sand mining, contact us today. We offer positions in the rail loadout facility, wet plant and our quarry. For more information about our products and services in Canada, give us a call.

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