AllEnergy Sand founder Dean Sukowatey pays attention when the subject of domestic energy is in the news. The Wisconsin native is the developer behind a sand mining operation which will play a crucial role in the hydraulic fracturing industry.

Forbes reported in February that, thanks to fracking, domestic oil production is at a 20 year high. Petroleum exports have increased 150% in the last three years. Energy is being mined within our borders at increasing rates since 2008.

Fracking has created jobs, lessened gas prices and help move the U.S economy away from the grip of OPEC. The industry has the attention of very important people.

Since his election, Barack Obama has repeated a national prerogative that domestic energy was key to independence from foreign oil. The directive has been taken to heart and become the mission of fracking companies and their subsidiaries.

Dean Sukowatey is the President and CEO of AllEnergy and managing member of AllEnergy Sand in Wisconsin. The company is permitting for the a mining operation with expected 4th quarter production off raw material vital in the fracking process. Billions of grains of sand are pumped in to fractures during drilling, where a combination of sand and water pressure expediates the release of oil and natural gas.

Fracking is a process happening right here in the United States, in some places, right under our feet.
You see the daily impact of the industry at the gas pump according to Sukowatey. Energy follows the simple laws of supply and demand. The more energy being produced, the better it is for your business on Main St.

Sukowatey calls it the economic multiplier effect.

While the economic benefit of horizontal fracturing has been lauded, environmentalists have concerns that the eco-impact of fracturing hasn’t been fully researched.

In response, the sand production side of the operation has taken steps to lessen their own environmental footprint. Sand has obvious value to the industry, making the production and transport of materials a key cog in the operation.

AllEnergy Sand is one sand producer leading the movement away from diesel consuming semis.

AllEnergy uses an intelligent logistical system that deploys a mile-long conveyor belt which carries material to rail. The company abides by a non trucking philosophy which reduces both costs and emissions.

Working jointly with local government the sand mining industry is finding a healthy balance.

The DNR ruled in February the AllEnergy’s rail system met state standards for wetland water quality certification. The decision a great example of the state working together with private business according to local radio station WWIS Radio 99.7,

“The DNR’s decision marks the latest victory for community proponents of a state-of-the-art sand mining operation that would bring jobs, tax revenue and millions of dollars in charitable investment to the region over the next three decades.”

Demand for jobs has communities welcoming developers like Dean Sukowatey with open arms. A permit recently submitted by AllEnergy in Trempealeau County, was called,

“The best individual sand permit application ever submitted to Trempealeau County,” by Tom Bice, the Chair of the Trempealeau County Environment and Land Use Committee.

The company hopes to bring 50 new full time jobs to the city of Arcadia, along with the promise of new senior housing construction. Sukowatey hopes the need for domestic energy can help a town where some are still hurting from recession.

The Arcadia Senior Care Center recently announced it would be closing. The decision resulted in the loss of 114 jobs and left 52 residents without a place to live.

There are many questions still needing to be addressed from environmentalists. Developers say they will continue walking in step with science to determine the cleanest, cheapest way to bring oil and natural gas production home. AllEnergy is using state of the art technology and a non-trucking model to be the best in the industry.

We’re not there yet, says Sukowatey, but freedom from foreign oil is on the horizon. For AllEnergy Sand this is only the beginning of a 30 year relationship with the community of Arcadia.